PULO Pagbilao, Quezon Philippines

the virgin beach

About a year ago, when my family decided to have a simple family bonding time at the beach, it was not planned that is the budget is thoroughly considered. My husband lived all his life in Lucban, Quezon- a small town known for its festival, the PAHIYAS. He mentioned to me that a friend knows a beach about 1 hour drive from Lucban, a virgin white sand beach that is. I was so excited that i had packed my bag and decided to go the next day.

So there we are, in the long-stretched road in the province, 2 Volkswagen beetle , a convoy, after an hour long drive, TADA!!!! AKALA ko nandun na, haist, we need to park the cars in a private lot, that would only cost us 50 pesos, the people living beside the lot are the caretakers and also serves as tourguides. Pwede ka nilang samahan kung hindi mo alam kung paano ang trail, just give them a tip or two, masawa na sila dun. And plus, they will really look at your car hanggang sa bumalik ka.

A 20 minute trek. Muddy soil, and then WOW! a red lighthouse, a canal, a cliff just above the beach and then another walk on the muddy soil, please dont wear expensive slippers, just wear sandals that are really made for tough walking or youll end up just like my buddies who had their instant heels made of mud in 4 to 5 inches!!! HAHAHA.

Youll know youre near if you are welcomed by the stray dogs, please, dont run or shout or do something hideous. They are the beaches caretakers dogssssssss. A lady would ask behind the rusty, creeky old gate where are you from and would ask 50 pesos per person as an entrance fee.

A horizon of pure white sand would meet your eyes, a couple of colorful flags, coconut trees and huts. We brought our own tent, actually you dont need to rent the hut, there is grassy part under the tree that you would rather choose to lay and relax to, and hello,,, the sands.

running along the soft sands…

The beach overlooks the vast ocean, a clear horizon , only few local boats passes, crystal clear water, as in, soft sands, a cave , and the most important one, especially for beach bummers like me, we have the beach all by ourselves!!! Its like renting and owning your own private beach!

my baby and her father under the sun

The beach is owned by the Lukang Family that lives in

Lucena City. I recommned this beach/ trip for beach bums

, barkada back packers and a simple bonding time with family.


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